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Do all household members agree to your fostering animals?
Would you be agreeable to having your residence visited by a volunteer prior to taking a foster dog into your home?
Do your work away from home?
If Yes, how many hours away?
How will you manage the foster dog while you are away?
Are you willing and able to bring the foster to a veterinary hospital or emergency clinic (evenings/holidays) should he or she become ill?
Are you willing to administer medications to a foster who requires them?
Do you have pets of your own?
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If you have other animals, how will you manage the foster dog around them?
Consider other dogs versus smaller, vulnerable animals like cats, birds, etc.
Are your own pets current on their vaccinations and medications (e.g. heartworm)?
Do you have prior experience with the type of foster care you are willing to provide?
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There is nothing better than becoming a Foster home for homeless pets while they are awaiting their new forever home.  Some of the dogs we take in are in need of medical care, some much needed R & R, or just a safe harbor to come to until they are adopted.  One of the best feelings is knowing that you have become so acquainted with your foster pet that you are able to identify the best fit for this particular s pet s needs.  Forever homes are all about finding the right fit for the pet ...  when you ve done that, you ve succeeded.  It s really not as difficult as you may think.

If you are able to open up your home and your heart to the homeless, please complete our Foster Home Application.